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[8A-107]智能化协同制造体验中心(Intelligent Collaborative Manufacturing Experience Center)

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 The Experience Center was founded in Nov., 2017, supported by CAXA Technology Co. Ltd., which is the National Engineering Laboratory for the Intelligent Collaborative Manufacturing Technology and Application. There are hardware with 5 computers, a Touch Control Integrative Machine, a touch-control information enquiry machine; software with CAXA facilities by internet of things, teaching resource management system, CAPP technology charts, 3D solid design, CAM manufacturing engineers, etc., in the Experience Center.

 The Experience center carries on the principle of integration between industry and education, and cooperation between university and enterprises, according to the urgent upgrade requirement of digitalization,cyberization, intelligentization, servitization, to establish theIntelligent Collaborative Manufacturing Technology and Application Platform for supporting the research and experience teaching of industry software, industry cloud platform, sensitive servo system, and internet-things between the systems.

 The Experience center can enable the students to collaboratively work according to the different posts to perform the whole manufacturing process, to learn about product orders, product design, technological design, NC program and simulation, production dispatch, progress tracing, quality control, man-hour checking, etc. The establishment of the center enhances the training from the skill training to the comprehensive technology training from a single job.

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